You’ve worn your clear retainer…Now take the perfect “after” selfie!

Congrats! You’ve completed all of your cycles with Orthique’s clear retainers. Now you can show the world how well those clear retainers worked by smiling confidently. These 6 tips will help you take an epic selfie with your glamorous new smile.

Lighting can be your best friend…or your worst enemy! Ideally, you want natural light- this helps to highlight your natural smile and celebrate all the work you have done with your clear retainers. We suggest standing by a window or sticking your head outside. You want the light to hit your face not come in from behind. Also- and this is the only time, you really want an overcast sky! Direct sunlight leads to squinting and extreme shadows.
Bare is better! Keep it simple and find a backdrop that isn’t filled with clutter. You want your beautiful smile to be the focus of your selfie- not the background. Let your fans see all the hard work you did wearing your clear retainers.
Stay true to your roots…Every smile is unique and so is every personality! Take this opportunity to express your individuality. Choose a prop or color that feels authentic to your nature.
On that note…bring a prop! SOmetimes it’s hard to rely on your smile as your only prop. Bring a cute coffee mug or photo frame to add some visual interest to your selfie.
Smile confidently! Even with your fun prop in tow- your smile will still steal the show. Especially since you wore you Orthique clear retainers as directed! So flash those pearly whites and celebrate your new smile in your selfie.
Don’t forget to the power of the before/after photo. Since we are creating the perfect celebratory selfie- we really want to showcase the hard work you did wearing your clear retainers. Find a photo taken before your smile journey and take a consistent after photo so people can see you smiling confidently!

However you choose to celebrate your beautiful new smile… just remember to smile confidently, because every smile is unique.

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