What are clear braces and how is the Orthique technique different than clear braces?

So, you landed on the Orthique page to learn more about clear braces, I guess that means you’re ready to smile confidently! Orthique invisible aligners (often called clear braces) are an affordable, orthodontist-directed, safe at-home teeth straightening method that is 60% cheaper than metal braces and far less expensive than the brackets for clear braces.

How to begin: If you were trying to look into traditional braces the only way to move forward would be to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist  for clear braces or traditional braces. However, at Orthique, we know you are busy, so we have found a way to evaluate your treatment for clear braces with the utmost convenience…while you are doing your shopping at the mall, you can get scanned in one of our kiosks…if you’re not a shopper – we can send one of our skilled technicians to visit you in your office or home in order to get your x-rays done with our state of the art mobile scanner.

Once you are ready to start your journey with  Orthique’s clear braces, or invisible aligners you will be relieved to know that our technique requires much less time than what you are used to. With traditional clear braces many treatment plans dictate wearing them from 18 months up to 3 years!!! But our treatment plans range from 4 to 12 months in length, with many happy Orthique patients arriving at their ideal smile in an average of 6 months. Orthique’s clear braces are an  affordable, convenient, comfortable, and orthodontist-directed alternative. We know it shouldn’t cost a fortune to straighten your teeth and achieve your perfect smile. Smile confidently with Orthique’s clear braces and leave the metal mouth in the past.

If you are interested in finding out of the Orthique technique will work for you- come tone of our kiosks and find about our clear braces from one of our experts. 

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