The difference between affordable and cheap braces

We have all heard the phrase nothing in life is free…but it can be affordable. A great smile can come from cheap braces- but that is only price-based, and not the quality. The Orthique Technique allows you to get the smile you have dreamed of at a low cost- hence, the cheap braces. However, we use state of the line equipment and have skilled doctors tending to your individual needs- and there you have the quality.

Our goal is to adapt to your modern lifestyle. We had our team at the Orthique think tank study the needs of our target demographic. It turns out- you guys are super busy! You also work very hard and want to spend your money wisely. Lastly, in our photo finish society- you want to look your best at all times. That is why we came up with our accelerated and affordable treatment options, or what you can refer to as cheap braces.

Like we discussed earlier- cheap braces in no way to refer to the quality of care you are receiving. It simply implies affordable and accessible options. At low monthly rates, we would like everyone to be able to get the smile of their dreams. We have flexible payment options and accept care credit.

Now that you can afford cheap braces- we make it easy for you to find out if you are a candidate for our invisible aligners. We have centrally located mall kiosks where our technicians can perform a quick scan. Or we even have our mobile scanning team that will happily come to you. At Orthique what matters most is that we have you smiling confidently as quickly and effectively as possible.

It today’s modern world we are working to incorporate state of the art equipment with the most advanced technology in order to provide our patients with a service that is unique as they are. Learn more about The Orthique Technique

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