The History of the Teeth Gap and Ways to Fix Teeth Gap

At Orthique, we know that every smile is unique and should be celebrated in its own special way. Many of our patients come to us with issues specifically regarding how to fix teeth gap. When it comes down to it, the perfect smile is really just a matter of personal taste and preferences- so if you are happy with your gap, we wholeheartedly celebrate you and your choices. But, if you are interested in ways to fix gap teeth- Orthique has the answer for you.

Clinically, the gap or space between two teeth is called diastema. It is most common between the upper two front teeth, but can exist between any two groupings of teeth in the mouth. While it is not at all a dangerous condition, it can cause some day to day annoyances as far as noticing the gap during brushing or flossing, or getting pieces of food stuck in between the gap teeth while eating.

What causes gap teeth? Generally, diastema is caused by a mismatch of the jaw bones and tooth size. Specifically, if the teeth are too small for the size of one’s jaw bone the result will be a gap between your teeth. Alternatively, space between teeth can also be caused by situations in which teeth are below the average normal size, or flat out missing- we see this a lot in the lateral incisors. This type of diastema will not progress further and is non-symptomatic, but cosmetically it creates an issue for many.

Beyond genetics, external habits such as thumb sucking and incorrect swallowing patterns/reflux can also result in diastema. Another, and possibly the most dangerous culprit in causing gaps between teeth is periodontal disease. Untreated periodontal disease has the potential to lead to bone loss, which ultimately causes the teeth to be loose. The movement of the loose teeth can create unwanted gaps and spaces between teeth. One must be wary with this type of diastema- as periodontal issues and tongue thrust can cause the spaces between your teeth to get wider over time.

Like we discussed- it is absolutely fine to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Michael Strahan, Madonna, or Eddie Murphy, and let your gap flag fly. But if fixing your gap teeth is a priority for you, Orthique offers a virtually painless and highly cost effective method with our clear aligners. To learn more about fixing your teeth with Orthique – come by one of our kiosks at Newport Mall or Jersey Gardens or let us mail you an impression kit today!

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