Technology Boom! How companies like Smile Direct Club and Orthique are changing the face…and smile of dental healthcare.

Between companies like Smile Direct Club, Candid Co, Byte, and Orthique- the clear aligner treatment for orthodontics has really made its mark in this particular industry. Prior to companies like smile direct club and Orthique, treatment options were quite limited. There was the dreaded metallic brace-face that most of us grew up with. Invisalign was revolutionary with the clear aligners they made, but it still needed to be managed very closely by an Orthodontist, and of course there were the necessary monthly visits to follow the treatment path. All in all treatment followed a very analogue path.

What companies like Orthique and Smile Direct Club offer our patients, is professional care and modern technology wrapped up into a neat dental package. With the assistance of digital advancement you are now able to receive a professional scan with 3D imagery almost instantaneously. Smile direct club started the revolution with their brick and mortar locations for scans, but Orthique has gone in another direction. While we value all that modern technology has to offer- we are a local company at heart. We have mall kiosks which are all attached to local dentists who provide clearance and guidance throughout your treatment.

However, while we appreciate the local conveniences- we like to take convenience a step further, and just like smile direct club- you will be receiving your aligners in the mail monthly…the option to physically visit the orthodontist is completely your decision. If you are interested in getting the smile you have always dreamed of at an affordable rate and in a convenient manner- than find one of our Orthique experts who are always manning our kiosks.

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