Surprise! The unexpected benefits of cosmetic braces

While the primary function of Orthique’s cosmetic braces is to straighten your teeth and get you that winning smile…there are some hidden treats for you as well! While you are wearing your cosmetic braces you are also doing the following!

For all you fidgeters out there – good news! You simply won’t be able to bite your nails. Our cosmetic braces wrap around your top and bottom teeth. They can’t be worn while you are chewing, and the same applies to biting. Since we know you are wearing aligners most of the day (you better be!) you will naturally have less of an opportunity to bite those nails! Eventually you’ll probably stop doing it all together. You won’t want anything to cover that beautiful new smile.

You might drop a few pounds! Snacking between meals becomes a bit more complicated than it used to be before your cosmetic braces. Think about this, you have to take your cosmetic braces out every time you eat. Then you have to thoroughly brush your teeth and cleanse your aligners once you have finished. These added chores make most people take a beat before opening that refrigerator door between meals. Due to the fact that you are snacking less, you will be taking in less calories. Needless to say, we do not advise this as a weight loss tactic…but hey, if you’re looking to trim down, we got your back.

In the same way that you have to take your cosmetic braces in and out to eat, you have to do the same to smoke… While smoking is a habit that is bad for your teeth to begin with- it is definitely not good for your aligners. Many of our patients told us that the extra steps they needed to take before smoking made them think twice about the habit in general. Plus, once you are sporting your new smile you may not want to discolor it with smoking.

Last but not least…an overall improvement in your dental hygiene. Since you are brushing after every meal, it is most likely with more frequency than you were doing before. On top of that- Orthique cares about you and that is why we require a dental clearance for your cosmetic braces. So before you even started your journey we made sure you were cavity free and healthy. The extra care and cleaning only helps you to do what you need to do to smile confidently

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