If the orthodontist determines you are not a suitable candidate:

If your Orthique-affiliated orthodontist determines that you are not a suitable candidate for the Orthique clear aligner program, we will refund your payment in full. This applies to each of the following situations: payments made for the Modeling Kit only; if you have paid for the Modeling Kit and aligner treatment up front; or if you have paid for aligner treatment up front at one of our Orthique Boutique Scan Center. (However, this does not apply if you send back a modeling kit with distorted or unusable models. In such event, we will, at your option, send you an additional modeling kit for $49.00.)

If the treatment plan is not working:

If you have worn the aligners as prescribed and they are not working we will work with you to develop a new treatment plan without additional charge, as long as the Orthique-affiliated orthodontist feels that a new treatment plan is advisable. In this case, you may be required to submit a new modeling kit, some photographs, and/or return for an additional intraoral scan.

Exchange Policy:

If you believe you have received a defective product, please email us at support@orthique.com to request a replacement.

For Orthique Boutique Scan Center customers only:

You should be receiving your treatment plan soon after your visit to the Orthique Boutique Scan Center. Once you have purchased your aligners, whether directly at the Scan Center, or afterwards – we will begin production of your aligners if your Orthique-affiliated orthodontist approves treatment. Once we begin producing your custom aligners, a refund will no longer be available.

If a customer paid for standard Orthique aligners upfront for mild to moderate treatment ($1950), and our Orthique-affiliated orthodontist determines that the case only qualifies for complex treatment (Orthique PLUS, $2600) the customer will be contacted and will have the option to upgrade before production begins. Should the patient not wish to upgrade, he or she will be refunded in full.

For Impression Kit customers who have paid for the Impression Kit up front:

Customers who have paid for and submitted an Impression Kit, once approved by the Orthique-affiliated orthodontist, will have the option to purchase their aligner treatment (Orthique or Orthique PLUS) based on the orthodontist recommendation. The Impression Kit fee will only be refunded should you be determined by your Orthique-affiliated orthodontist that you are not a suitable candidate for treatment).

Kit Return Policy

As we are not able to use the Impression Kit or Aligner Kit for anyone else, we do not accept returns on either the Impression Kit or the Aligner Kit. Once we receive your Medical History and Consent Form, your Impression Kit order has been processed and cannot be refunded (unless our orthodontist, after reviewing your models, photos and other information, determines that you are not a suitable candidate). Once you purchase your aligners and are approved for treatment, we will begin producing your custom aligners, and a refund will no longer be available. If you have a question regarding your order, please email us at support@orthique.com.