Orthique – Is it is safe?

Let’s explore some of the features that set us apart from our competitors.

People often wonder: Can I fix my teeth at home? Do clear aligners really work? Is Orthique safe? Is smile direct safe? In this article I would like to explain what it is about Orthique that makes us unique, and the ways in which we offer you an all encompassing treatment plan suited to your individual needs.

Orthique stands out amongst other conventional clear aligner companies like Smile Direct or Candid Co, because while we have embraced the convenience and ease of the latest technology, and can provide you all the benefits of a low cost aligner solution- we have not forgotten that ultimately, even though the fix might be cosmetic; this is your smile, your health- and we feel that is is very important to offer you the opportunity to involve, and to be able to physically consult with the local orthodontic expert who has been overseeing your case. Other companies have doctors managing your case from remote locations – leaving you exposed to potential mismanagement of your treatment. Orthique on the other hand, has real brick and mortar locations surrounding our scan centers, equipped with real state licensed orthodontists that you can actually visit if you have a question or concern beyond the scope of the information provided to you. Orthique is able to be a state of the art, technologically advanced company while still providing an actual doctor you can talk to in person, if need be. Ultimately, we believe patients deserve the opportunity to discuss their case in person if they choose to in order to yield the ideal result of treatment.

As we discussed earlier, clear aligners can be a very effective treatment to fixing teeth at home. However, in certain more complicated cases cases it is possible to reach a plateau in treatment, and it is precisely these cases where new questions pop up- thereby needing new solutions. While companies like Smile Direct Club and Candid Co definitely have the convenience factor of never needing to make a doctor’s office visit, Orthique has given you both sides of the coin- and it is up to you, our patient if you would like that extra care and attention. Much like the popularity of urgent care facilities, we as a society take comfort and peace of mind in having a physical location, conveniently located nearby to you, in which you can consult with our expert orthodontist regarding the specifics of your case. While many companies have the ability and the locations to scan your mouth, or offer remote meetings with your treating orthodontist, Orthique takes a new approach to convenience and care by offering you the opportunity to meet with your doctor a few times a year in order to achieve the type of personal care you desire. This allows us to treat much more complex cases with significantly better outcomes. If you are interested in learning more about our doctor’s’ office visits check out Orthique Plus in our FAQ section.

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