New Year, New You: Is a perfect smile worth the invisalign cost? Yes! Self-Confidence is priceless, and well worth the invisalign cost.

At Orthique, we understand the value of putting your best face forward. The clear aligner and invisalign cost can factor greatly into your 2019 transformation. Feeling unsure about your smile can creep into other aspects of your life. The new year is a great time to reflect upon the aspects of yourself you wish to improve. You can not put a price on happiness, and that is why you should look into the process of the Orthique and invisalign costs.

Since we established that perfecting your smile is convenient and attainable with Othique’s invisible aligners, we would like to offer a few more options to help you become your best self in 2019.

Mediation has been hailed as a natural cure for anxiety. It is very important to set aside time in your day to clear your mind and be present. There are many types of mediation one can practice, but it’s just that, a practice. The key to benefiting from meditation is setting aside daily time to perform your relaxation techniques. I know our schedules are crazy. I know it’s hard to step away from your computer, or put down your cell phone- so, developing a routine is crucial to your success. Since you already remember to put your Orthique aligners in after you brush or eat, we suggest you take that moment to be mindful as well… kill two birds with one stone!

If mediation is not your thing, perhaps you are a more physical person and will find your peace in exercise. Now, don’t get me wrong- we’re not here to give gym advice or tell you how much to lift…we’re simply saying- get moving! Stretching is great for your muscles and your circulatory system. The best thing is- you can do this in bed! At night (once you’ve taken out your aligners) when you get into bed -perform a 3 minute stretching routine. Start by lying flat on your back and raising your hands above your head, point your toes and make yourself as long as possible. Hold that for one minute – then lean to the left and hold for another minute- same for the right. Once this becomes part of your nightly ritual add on movements that feel good to you.

There is no right or wrong way to live your best life. All we know is you look best doing it with a smile, and no invisalign cost will bring you down. Stop by one of our Orthique kiosks and find out more about what we can do for you.

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