Need a reason to get adult braces? How about 5?

Do you still think braces are just for kids and teens? Well, let us change your mind. Adult braces are on the rise these. At Orthique we believe that everyone should smile confidently- and that includes adults…that also leads us to our first reason.

1. Everyone should smile confidently! Adult braces can you help you fix that nagging cosmetic issue that’s been following you around. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and as an adult you find yourself meeting people in many different situations. Be it professionally or socially you want to be able to flash those pearly whites with confidence, and adult braces can take you there.

2. Adult braces are not just for cosmetic reasons. Misaligned teeth can be dangerous at any age…but an an adult the longer your teeth are out of place the more issues that can arise. Beyond plaque build up from unreachable spots due to misalignment, your jaw and bite can be affected and ultimately lead to conditions like TMJ or arthritis. Adult braces can help you fix the problems that may not even know about!

3. The braces technology is so advanced these days that you can get clear braces…and people will hardly notice the difference. Custom clear aligner treatments like Orthique, allow you to fix the issues in your smile without the metal hardware you are used to seeing. In as little as 3 to 6 months of wearing your clear aligners you could have a new smile and fix an issue that has been plaguing you for years.

4. As an adult, you can afford adult braces! Your treatment will be on your terms! Orthique offers many affordable plans for adult braces. You are able to pick between one lump sum or low monthly instalments. There is also the convenience of receiving your aligners in the mail, and only going to the Orthodontist’s office if you want to.

5. We live longer now!!! The marvels of modern technology and science has proven that adults are living far longer than they used to be. You might as well live those long years with the smile of your dreams.

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