Invisible Aligners: What are they? What are they made of? How are Invisible Aligners different than braces?

So, you have decided to perfect your smile with Orthique’s invisible aligners… First of all- we salute your dedication to living your best life! Using invisible aligners to straighten your teeth not only gives you the confidence that comes with sporting your desired smile, but it can also be beneficial for the future of your oral health. Invisible aligners, and the resulting straight teeth that are achieved by them, help to lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. So, beyond the benefits of the smile of your dreams – you also avoid increased risk for tooth damage and dysfunction of the jaw joints, all just by having straight teeth. Here is a quick rundown of The Orthique Technique: our invisible aligners straighten teeth using a series of sets of clear top and bottom, nearly invisible aligners which are custom-made and removable. They work to gradually move teeth a little bit at a time in order to achieve your unique smile.

How do they work?

Well Orthique likes to keep things as simple and convenient as possible for you. First we obtain an impression of your smile at one of our scanning stations- drop by one of our kiosks at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth New Jersey or Newport Centre in Jersey City. If you do not live close to one of our scanning stations, don’t fear! Orthique will mail you an impression kit. This kit is delivered directly to your door and allows you to take your very own impressions at home. Once you have mailed your impression to our doctors, we make a 3D mold of your smile to determine your treatment with invisible aligners. Your treatment team will map out a complete plan individualized for you- this includes the progressive sets of invisible aligners and the period in which you will wear them. You plan will demonstrate the gradual realignment that will reposition your teeth from their current position in order to achieve your desired result. We use the most up-to-date technology available to provide the highest quality of digital mapping and high-tech molding. Your custom invisible aligners are then created with computer precision to yield the quickest most effective results. While you wear them they will be making minor adjustments to your smile by placing light pressure on certain parts of your teeth. Each set of aligners progressively move your teeth into alignment as directed by your treatment plan.

What are invisible aligners made?

Invisible aligners are made of medical grade plastic: polyurethane from methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and 1.6-hexanediol to be exact. The standards of the USP or United States Pharmacopeia medical devices and prescriptions have been met for our product. Our materials are shown to be biocompatible to use for human use in the oral cavity. They do not contain BPA and they are not harmful to wear.

How are they different than traditional braces?

Traditional metal braces are bonded to your teeth and then manually adjusted monthly by your treating Orthodontist. They are not removed from your mouth at all until your treatment is fully complete. Also, traditional braces might hinder your ability to perform routine oral hygiene tasks and might interfere with eating and speaking. Invisible aligners on the other hand are not permanently affixed in your mouth. Obviously it is very important to wear your invisible aligners as much as possible, but the fact that you can take them out while you eat, drink, and brush your teeth gives you a lot more freedom. Beyond that factor, they are transparent – this feature makes them much more discreet than traditional metal braces. Invisible aligners are molded for your individual needs and are generally worn for less time than traditional braces. Find out if you are a candidate for Orthique at one of our scanning stations today!

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