How your clear braces can help clear your breath!

clear braces

While you wear your clear braces, keep in mind that you have to take extra care to keep your teeth and your clear braces clean! While brushing and flossing is necessary, there are also some natural ways to help cure bad breath. Here are a few types food and drink that help get rid of bad breath while you wear your clear braces and even after you have finished wearing your clear braces…these are good to keep in mind next time you are reaching for a snack!

The first and most important liquid for your teeth, breath, and clear braces is water!
Staying hydrated helps all your systems run as they should – and is a big flighter of halitosis. Water also helps in saliva production which naturally helps rid your mouth and teeth of bacteria. If you want some variation from drinking water try a cup of green tea. The polyphenols are a powerful antioxidant found naturally in green and they help to fight the growth of bacteria.

Fruit is always a great addition to your diet. Not only for healthy fiber, but certain fruits really aid in keeping your mouth clean and fresh. Apples for example have a natural detergent property, they push plaque off the teeth simply by eating them. Fruits like berries, melons, and citrus with a naturally high content of vitamin c are great because bacteria cannot thrive against a strong dose of vitamin c. Feel free to throw some of that fruit in your probiotic yogurt – which is wonderful for digestive health in general and therefore acts as a bad breath neutralizer.

Let’s not forget our good friend the leafy green. Green vegetables like spinach and kale, and even herbs like parsley and basil help keep your internal PH balanced. Low alkaline levels help prevent dry mouth which in turn keeps your mouth as a whole healthier. Also, chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer and leafy greens are choc full of them! Before you reach for that pack of gum, remember that there is plenty you can find in nature to help you
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