How long do aligners take to work?

People often wonder how long do aligners take to work…well, here is your answer: 3 to 10 months!

That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you – it can take less than one year to achieve the unique smile you have been dreaming about. For Orthique, 3 to 10 months is our general treatment time and that is how long aligners take to work! A sparkling smile not only gives you the confidence you may need to face the world, it also shows off the value you place on self-care. In these crazy, fast-paced times it is important to remember to take a beat and think about what it is you really want, or really need. Working to improve your mindfulness, self awareness, and health help to ease stress and encourage you to be present as your best self. We had our team at Orthique come up with some ideas of ways in which you can improve upon yourself during the same time you spend wearing your aligners – make it a two-fer and improve your whole self as you improve your smile.…

*Learn a second language

We found that many experts agree if you put in the practice time, you can become relatively fluent in a new language in 3 to 5 months time. Some tips for quick learning: never be afraid of mispronouncing words- it happens to all of us. Hey, you can even blame it on your clear aligners…we’ll cover for you! In all seriousness, it is important to start practicing speaking aloud early on in your process. Luckily, our clear aligners actually don’t affect your speech. Another thing you can consider is learning some basic phases right away- such as -”where is the bathroom?” or “I’ll have a large coffee”. While these are not the most exciting aspects of the language (apart from being able to get the amount of caffeine you need)- they are practical, and may even allow you to plan your trip for “real life” practice even sooner than you thought! But, if travel isn’t in the books for you – don’t forget about one of today’s best language tools- the internet! Try skyping or facetime-ing with a native speaker- there are plenty of language programs that will set you up with a counterpart. Of course, there will always be the tried and true method of tv and radio….the more you listen and watch the language you wish to learn, the more comfortable you’ll be speaking it.

*Become a certified Yoga Instructor

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “yogah,” which means “to yoke or to unite.” The goal of yoga is to uncouple oneself from the material world and to unite oneself with the cosmic consciousness of the universe. In simpler modern terms, yoga is the means by which the user’s mind is merged into the universal mind- giving you the freedom to lose yourself in the world around you, rather than getting lost in your own internal struggle. As an instructor, you will not only become an expert in this philosophy, but you will assist people in achieving their own enlightenment. Some benefits of becoming adept in yoga are the physical and individual growth that comes with the education, along with the basic understanding of anatomy, focusing on proper alignment. The average time to complete a 200-hour course to become a certified yoga instructor is between three to five months. If you are able to get your hours in- you will end your classes with a namaste and your new smile!

*Adopt and train a puppy!

Obviously our canine friends can be completely unpredictable, but some of the leading experts in the field have determined that a puppy can learn some of the most important details in the first 3 months to a year time period of their lives. Beyond the basics like teaching them to be housebroken, or sleep in their crate, and even fetch- this is a very important time for dogs to socialize. Anything a dog experiences during this time will have an impact on his reactions in the future. Essentially, the more he is exposed to at a young age, the less fear he will carry towards such things going forward. So throw in your Orthique aligners, and take your new pooch out for long walk to experience the world with you. Just remember to always store your aligners in their protective case- especially around your four legged friends…they have been known to “try on” their human’s aligner.

Whatever you choose to do this new year to be your best you…stop by one of Othique’s kiosks to get a scan, and we will help you look your best doing it.

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