Get your smile summer ready! A quick review of how much braces cost.

How much braces cost used to be quite a scary questions to pursue. However, today we have options like Orthique that allow for a lower overall cost. Therefore, how much braces cost is no longer something to fear, but in fact getting the smile of you dreams is a very viable option for you.

When you picture braces you can’t help but think of a metal-mouthed teenager. But, we have come strides and distances in the orthodontic technology. So the question transforms from how much braces cost to am I candidate for metal alternatives?

Invisible aligners- which is the Orthique treatment protocol are a much less invasive option to correct your smile. You start by stopping by one of our many convenient kiosk locations. There one of our Orthique experts will give you a free 3D smile scan! After our Orthodontist has thoroughly reviewed your results, we will determine if you are a candidate for treatment.

The good news is, if you qualify – how much braces cost becomes a much easier question to answer. First Orthique offers two plans- the standard and the plus. The standard plan is $1950 or $89 monthly. This covers all your aligners as well as unlimited tele-support. If your case is a bit more complicated we recommend Orthique plus. Beyond receiving the aligners in the mail- Orthique plus you 1 to 4 in-office visits with our Orthodontist. This ensures your case is running smoothly as well as giving you the opportunity to address any concerns you have in person. Orthique plus is $2600 and we also offer a monthly payment schedule for it.

Whichever you decide to pursue- how much braces cost has changed a lot in the past few years. You now have access to a variety of treatments at much lower costs. Stop by one of our kiosks and find out what Orthique can do for you.

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