Finding Alignment: Teeth straightening is just the beginning.

On the surface, we are a company that offers teeth straightening with aligners…But, what we want you to accomplish is much more than just teeth straightening. While we take care of aligning your teeth- we will give you some pointers of how to align yourself with the universe. A truly confident smile comes from within, and teeth straightening is just the tip of the pearly iceberg.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle when you find a way to live in sync with the universe. Rather than fighting with the world around you, try to accept what is, and what cannot be changed. Here are 3 pointers that you can work on daily to help you get to that state of mind.

1. Be Well. Your body is your temple. We have to work on ourselves before we can face the universe with strength and dignity. If your physical health and well being is suffering -your armour will not be able to protect you. You have to nourish the body so you can nourish the soul. This is an individual quest. It can mean exercise or changes in diet….like yoga or vegetarianism. Or it can mean a new hairstyle, a makeover, or teeth straightening with Orthique. In conclusion, take good care of your body- and it will take good care of you.

2. Be Present. In fact, start right now! Take a deep breath and take your time with it. The simple act of focusing on your breathing will help to redirect a wandering mind and ease you into the moment. Once you’ve mastered that, bring it with you throughout the day and apply it to your routine…Pay attention to what you see and hear- keep your awareness present and you will find that you truly live in the moment.

3. Be Grateful. This is by far the easiest on the list to achieve. It simply means saying thank you for what you already have. By thanking the universe openly you allow yourself to enjoy what you have created for yourself. It gives you the opportunity to step away from wanting and needing to be conscious and active in having.

There are many paths you can take to finding alignment with the universe. Make sure to take your time on this journey and to smile confidently while doing it!

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