Clear braces, metal braces, invisalign…Overwhelmed with all of your options? Let us help you.

Our team of Orthique experts will help you navigate the world of clear braces, invisalign or aligners, and together we can determine your proper course of treatment.

The major aesthetic difference between metal braces versus clear braces or aligners is that the aligners are not affixed to your teeth. You can remove your invisalign aligners while eating and drinking…or even something as simple as taking a photo. However, if you have a severe overbite or other extreme mandibular conditions metal braces might be the only option for you. Invisalign is less intrusive and therefore is ideal for all minor and cosmetic fixes for your teeth.

Once you have decided to go the route of invisalign or invisible aligners, you have to determine which company to proceed with. At Orthique, we have taken advantage of all the modern conveniences of the technological world- but, not everything in the medical world can be completely digital, in our opinion. After you have stopped by one of our kiosks for your smile scan, and we deem you are a candidate, we will then connect you to a local dentist to get a free screening in order to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Many of our competitors skip the step of making sure your mouth is healthy before you begin wearing the aligners. Our Orthique experts know that a healthy foundation is the key to giving you the best possible outcome. Once you have clearance from one of our many medical partners…you will appreciate the modern technology of managing your treatment in the comfort of your home through our app.

Stop by one of our kiosks today!

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