8 important tips for fixing your teeth at home with Othique’s invisible aligners

  1. Wear your clear aligners as much as possible! In order for Orthique to have the quickest and most effective results to fix such things as a gap between your teeth or crooked teeth, you must keep your clear aligners in your mouth for most of the day- this includes sleeping! Keep in mind, it takes around 22 hours a days to craft your unique smile. The work gets done only while you wear your invisible aligners …the more you wear them, the faster we can fix your teeth at home.
  2. Remove aligners when you eat or drink. The only time we ask you to take out your clear braces is before you enjoy a meal, snack, or beverage. Hot drinks like coffee and tea can damage or stain your invisible aligners! If you are consuming anything other than cool water please take the clear aligners out of your mouth during that time.
  3. Store your aligners safely! When the invisible aligners are not in your mouth the only other place they should be is in their protective Orthique case. Leaving them someplace exposed like on a napkin, or the edge of a table can lead to damage, breakage or the dreaded “disappearing” aligners (let’s just say some pets are looking for the perfect smile too…) A lost retainer can slow down the progress of gap between teeth treatment and cause moving teeth or the feeling of front teeth moving forward.
  4. Keep those teeth sparkling clean! The perfect smile starts with healthy, happy teeth. You must brush and floss your teeth before putting in your invisible aligners. This is especially important to remember to do after your eat or drink anything apart from water. Food particles can get caught in between your teeth and your clear braces leading to plaque build up…and none of us want that. When in doubt, brush those pearly whites before re-inserting your invisible aligners.
  5. Also- you must keep your aligners nice and clean! Aligners can be cleaned with cool water, a toothbrush, and non-abrasive toothpaste. No matter how clean you are keeping your teeth, if you are wearing dirty clear braces you can end up with tooth decay, gum inflammation, or decalcification (markings on teeth). A sparkling smile can be achieved safely by maintaining proper oral hygiene from your teeth to your invisible aligners. Any damage can ultimately raise the cost of clear braces.
  6. Remember- there are no shortcuts! No matter how tempting it may be, please do not skip ahead to your next set of invisible aligners early. As the clear aligners work their subtle magic they may begin to feel a bit looser towards the end of your set time with that pair- that is completely normal and expected. Orthique aligners will shift your teeth slowly to deal with issues like crooked teeth and gap between teeth treatment. So when you question- do invisible aligners work? Be patient and let the Orthique process fix your teeth at home, this is all built into the cost of clear braces.
  7. Speech Adjustment when you first put on your invisible aligners it might feel a bit strange to speak, this is normal. and can be expected when fixing crooked teeth at home. Be patient and keep wearing your clear aligners to prevent moving teeth, and you will adjust to speaking with clear braces in your mouth.
  8. Prepare yourself for the first few days with your invisible aligners. When fixing your teeth at home it is normal to experience a bit of discomfort or pain when you start a new set of invisible braces. Moving your teeth takes a bit of pressure and you will feel it in the adjustment- clear braces work, and you can treat the pain with an OTC analgesic.
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